Medical Solutions

Pinnacles Services, based in Lakewood, CO,... a reseller of medical software products developed by McKesson Corporation.  We offer the following solutions for small medical practices:

  • Lytec Practice Management Software:  With Lytec, you can schedule patient appointments; generate superbills, create insurance billing; send insurance claims electronically, apply insurance payments; send monthly statements; generate multitude of reports that help you manage your practice, and much much more…
  • LytecMD: This is a state-of-the art, CCHIT-certified Electronic Health Records system that makes charting easy and paper-free!  With LytecMD, the health professionals can electronically chart patient records and automatically send billing information to the medical bulling office. No more stacks and stacks of paper charts!  Implementation of LytecMD in your practice may qualify you to receive the ARRA stimulus funding.
  • RelayHealth:  RelayHealth is a bundle of electronic services allows you stay in touch with your patients, send insurance claims electronically, send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacies; check patient eligibility, etc.

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